What Others Are Saying About JJ

 "Why I Love Men" is a great book that really empowers women!   JAMIE FOXX

 "I wanted to say thank you for writing this book! You have changed my life forever..I finally am free of bad habits...and feel great about my health and body!"  
Cara L.

"Thanks to JJ's DEM System, I am pleased to share status and progress of losing 20.6 lbs so far in the first 3 weeks; and I've gone down at least one dress size. My face looks thinner, clearer, and I have more energy to want to Move. I walk faster because I feel lighter and I even (gasp) truly crave healthier foods." 

 "I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing this book. You’ve opened my eyes and changed my whole outlook on the way I eat. I started the DEM system last Sunday 3/4 and I weighed myself Sunday 3/11 and I lost 10lbs in one week. I just want to Thank you once again and I’ll keep pushing I got 20lbs to go and I’m going to keep it off by following your book."  

 "I feel like I need to hug you as I go through your book. I feel like you wrote this specifically for me! I love the book JJ Smith!  It is the most interesting book I have ever read on dieting or exercising!!"  
Elizabeth G.

"I purchased the book a couple of weeks ago and started to put into action the DEM system. I'm a believer. I just finished reading chapter 5 and applying suggestions, tips and information. I've lost 7 pounds so far and I feel great. I'm looking forward to a slimmer, sexier and healthier me! Yes! Yes! Yes!  THANK YOU JJ SMITH!"  

 "I attended JJ's 5 week teleseminar and it was off the hook!  The information she shared was downright phenomenal!  Alkaline water and it's importance to your health was one of the things she talked about.  I am living and loving this alkaline lifestyle.  I can already see and feel the difference.  Anyone who missed it definitely needs to sign for the next class is all I'm saying…!"  
Sunny G.
US Army

"Hey JJ, I've lost 10 pounds from listening your nuggets of wisdom on detoxifying the body.  And on me, 10 pounds is a  LOT!  I'm back into my pre-pregnancy jeans girl!  Thank you kindly." 
Kelly R.
Chicago, IL

This book is blowing my mind!! You are talking directly to me it's so crazy..and you are teaching this thing like I've never heard it before! And OMG I'm a pepsi junky (I know)....I've always known it's bad for you of course…. But WOW I don't want to pick up another can after reading the chapter, Why a Sugar Addiction Is Worse Than a Drug Addiction...Heavy, Heavy Stuff. But it all makes perfect sense to me!!!! I wish you could see me right now, I'm highlighting like a mad woman on a mission... I cannot put this book down! So informative and thought provoking. When I say you are a blessing to me... You have no idea!”
J. Ivy

"The DEM System is Clear, Concise and Makes Perfect Sense! JJ's system of Detox, Eat and Move (DEM) is easy to follow with clear instructions. She admits the first 3 week Detox phase is the hardest as you work to detoxify and cleanse the body through avoiding certain foods, and doing other detox methods such as digestive cleansers and green drinks. In this phase you flush out toxins that cause weight gain and re-train your taste buds so you can establish healthier eating habits.

As a woman, my favorite section was all the information geared just for the ladies on how to avoid menopausal weight gain, as well as tips to get rid of cellulite and belly fat and other issues that women struggle with.

What I loved most about this book is that I've read bits and pieces about eating healthy, detoxifying and weight loss, in general, but never have I read it ALL consolidated in one place. JJ lays it all out for you in an easy to follow DEM System. I wish I had a binder or notebook so I could take all the shopping lists to the grocery store. There are so many foods and supplements that she recommends and I need to carry this book with me as I go shopping. The book is jam-packed with great suggestions WITHOUT crazy fad diets, calorie counting (which JJ says is useless), boxed foods, extreme workouts... just great solid info!" Carolyn Taylor

"Even As a Personal Trainer, I Recommend This Book to All My Clients! As a personal fitness trainer, I wanted to not like this book because of the title. But the truth is the book is the real deal. The book discourages "diets" and instead offers some great tips for simply eating healthy and smart. I ABSOLUTELY love that!

The book teaches a DEM System (Detox, Eat, Move) and it is right on point especially since the "move" part includes ways to get physically active, which includes exercise. It's just that the book says you don't have to maintain an exercise regimen to get results, but it still encourages everyone to get more physically active. If the book had discouraged exercising, I would have strongly disliked it. It's actually the most comprehensive book on weight loss I have ever read. There is not a single question that you might have about weight loss that she does not answer. I've begun using the DEM System with my clients also. Mainly because the tips throughout the book will DEFINITELY help you get slimmer AND healthier at the same time. I am a HUGE fan of JJ Smith and this book!!!!"
Laura Galinksy

"I Lost Weight and Still Get to Eat!  I bought this book and have lost 4lbs in the first week. The DEM is giving me GREAT results and I feel good with lots of energy. the book is great, easy and I still get to eat....but eat healthy, which is making me feel better. My body feels like a new person in just 2wks. JJ is amazing I thank her for writing this book."

"My health improved in just 3 weeks!  This book is all that! I started reading and immediately followed some of the recommendations in it and in just 3 weeks I feel great! I talked to my doctor about how great I was feeling and she REDUCED the dosage for my prescription medicine for diabetes and high cholesterol. Sure I need to lose some belly fat, but having my health improve is even better.

The chapter on hormonal imbalances was great too...Some of the recommended supplements like DHEA make me feel 20 years younger which is what you want if you're a man in your 50s. I'm trying to get all the guys I know to read this book as well. I'm now certain that I can feel young and stay lean despite my age!"
Michael D. C.

"This book is PROFOUND! I read the book in one day and it's over 300 pages. I felt like everything I didn't know about weight loss was explained in a manner that made perfect sense to me – I now know WHY I could never lose weight permanently. The messages about why diets fail you, why exercise won't make you thin, and then the biggie was understanding how hormonal imbalances cause weight gain.  I started on the DEM System and in the first week, I lost 5 pounds but I really feel healthier.  I take this book with me everywhere I go and reference it throughout the day. Now that I have this book, nothing will stop me in my weight loss journey!!!!! "
Kara Liston

“I AM A FAN OF JJ SMITH!  Here's the thing, I loved the book not just for the weight loss stuff, but the details on how to improve my health and energy are a huge bonus! Little things like the importance of drinking water, but not just any water...alkaline water and coconut water. I hadn't heard about either before reading this book. I've even transitioned from 3 diet sodas a day to green tea because it's healthier and a natural fat burner. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's the details of the book that's allowing me to change my eating habits and get healthier and slimmer.  Just in phase 1 of the DEM system, I've lost 4 pounds in one week, and even though it might be water weight, I look less puffy and bloated and my friends say my face looks slimmer. It's just a really, really great book!”
Karen Ryon

“THANKS FOR WRITING THIS BOOK! This book has truly inspired me to take my healthy living lifestyle to a new level.  I admit, however, that I was initially skeptical about what I would read -- expecting that I would get the same knowledge that I have found on my own.  I was truly surprised when I was presented with information that I had not read before and probably wouldn't find compiled in one source.  I found it really easy to read and so informative that I could not put it down.  What I took from this book is that if I regularly detoxed along with eating more natural foods, I could get to and maintain my desired weight and health for the rest of my life.  And even better, I could do this without killing myself doing ridiculous amounts of exercise that don't always melt the fat/pounds off like I would prefer.  I'm looking forward to getting my body detoxed and cleansed, and getting to a "slimmer, sexier, and healthier" me before my 43rd birthday!”
Linda C.

“AMAZING PERSON, AMAZING BOOK:  The reason why I could not wait to get this book is because it resonated with me. I went to JJ's website and read up on her and the book. I downloaded the first five chapter's sample and I immediately knew that this plan was exactly what I was looking for. I recently went to the doctor because I had stopped ovulating and I found out that my hormone levels where completely out of whack. I love her approach of detoxing, eating and moving (DEM) and I know that this could be the answer to my medical and weight loss problems. It also helps that she lives what she preaches and she stands behind her plan. So many authors are not in shape themselves and do not follow the plan they promote. JJ is the exact opposite. I cannot wait to begin this program and make 2012 my year. I have already talked my mom, sister-in-law and friends into purchasing the book and giving the plan a try. I firmly believe in JJ and her message.”
Angela H.
North Carolina

“If ya'll are serious about your health, about REALLY FEELING BETTER, check out JJ Smith's new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out! It’s The Real Deal.  I would know. Her advice helped me drop my cholesterol 73 points in six weeks WITHOUT medication. Trust me. She’s IT!!!”
Steve Smith
New Jersey

"I really enjoyed reading this book! The information in it is SO complete. It is quite an impressive book.  I am 43 years old and this book was just what I needed.  I am pre-menopausal and could not lose weight even though I am working out 3 times/week. As I read the book, I realized I had several of the issues you discussed in your book, I am pre-menopausal, insulin-resistant, and suffer from estrogen dominance; reading your book, I realized that all of these reasons were why I could not lose weight.  I started on your DEM system and started to lose weight in the first week.  WHOA!  I am finally on the right path.  I was getting so depressed at not being able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried.  By cutting out sugar, white carbs and replacing them with whole grains and green veggies, I not only lost weight but noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I wanted to share this review because women who are like me with similar weight loss challenges can finally begin to lose weight with the wisdom in this book.  JJ Smith has made this book easy to follow by outlining the DEM (detox, eat, move) system in one comprehensive book.  JJ also motivates you and makes you feel really good along your weight loss journey.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”
Lisa R.
Boston, MA

"I tried some of JJ's suggestions on healthy eating and living, and not only did I begin to lose weight, but my hair and skin had a more youthful glow. My friends and family even asked me where did I get my newfound energy? Not only did I lose excess body fat, but I feel more youthful, fit and healthy. I even have a positive outlook on life! This class is more than about dieting and losing weight, it's about creating a new lifestyle of healthy eating and living! JJ is doing it….not just talking about it… but living it. This is just the help I needed to be a more beautiful, healthier me!"
Carol L.
New York, NY

"JJ provides practical advice on how to make yourself look the best you can with a "Beauty Transformation." One of my favorite suggestions was how to "dress for your body type" and making the necessary changes to your attire, as well as developing a new makeup and skin care routine that actually makes your skin look and feel younger. She even talks about how to buy clothes that fit your curves and hide those problem areas. JJ gave all of us great detailed advice on her beauty regimen, including the specific products that have worked for her. None of her tips required cosmetic surgery, but all of them were practical, and will change your life for the better!"
Sheri C.
Atlanta, GA

"I've actually been able to apply many of the tips and strategies from JJ's class and my boyfriend says I look HOT! That's the first time he's ever told me that and it felt great! I totally LOVED this class and I'm actually going to take heed to what I learned in it. JJ is my inspiration to be a better me! She is awesome!!"
Ashley P.
Los Angeles, CA

"I signed up for the class because my weight fluctuated up and down. I would lose it and then gain it right back. Being overweight caused me to have low self-esteem but once I applied JJ's tips, I began to see steady weight loss and had less cravings and emotional eating. I must say, life is pretty good right now, and I am finally looking forward to my future. "
Lisa T.
Gaithersburg, MD

 "Every Woman Must Do a BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION!!! First I saw JJ on TV and on Facebook so I said I would buy this book since JJ was always right on point with her dating advice! But looking at her photos on Facebook and on her website, I would have never, ever guessed that she went through similar stories like me. I had to buy the book just on the chapter on her "beauty transformation" tips that showed how JJ went from 0 dates to many dates. And even the stories that I couldn't relate to, I still learned from them and overall, her dating tips are GREAT...I mean, really great!! I did a beauty transformation in LA and boy did it make a difference in my dating life!"
Karen Ryon

"I LOVED this book!  J.J. is so inspiring and motivating. I loved the fact that she shared so much of herself with us. I don't read much and I read the whole book in one weekend. The tips, suggestions, and assessments motivated me to really improve myself. i was able to develop an action plan for improving my love life, career, health, look, and finances and I learned what my "body type" was so I can look good in my clothes. This book was so much more than a dating book.. it's a book about improving your overall life. I really LOVED this book!"
Mary J.

"This book was awesome! The one thing that stands out is how JJ encourages women to better themselves in all areas of their life (looks, finance, health). Some people will not like this because they don't think they need to change to meet "Mr. Right." But JJ is right on! She presents the information with so much positive encouragement to better yourself, you will be so highly motivated! By improving ourselves and our lives we'll make our lives better and also attract the right people into our life...and simply enjoy life better! The book will make you become a more successful, attractive, better you so that you can really enjoy life!"
Alice G.

"Great practical advice you can use right away! I was so entertained by this book! JJ talks about men being `visual creatures' and she provides practical advice on how to make yourself look the best you can with a "Beauty Transformation." Some suggestions include getting help from an image consultant, dressing for your body type, and making the necessary changes to your attire, as well as develop a new makeup and skin care routine. She even talks about how to buy jeans that fit your curves. JJ gives all of us GREAT detailed advice here on a beauty regimen, including the specific products that have worked for her. This beauty transformation, which does NOT require cosmetic surgery allows you to maximize your femininity and sexuality!!"
Jenny L.

"WOW!  I LOVED this book and I'm actually going to take heed to what I learned in it. JJ is my inspiration to be a better me! Thanks for writing this book and I'm gonna tell all my friends about it. I feel like I know JJ so well from reading her testimony. WOW! God has brought her a mighty long way. I'm so proud of Ms. JJ...She is AWESOME!! I only dream to be surrounded by people such as JJ Smith. JJ is doing it...not just talking about it...but living it.
This book is very resourceful..Yeaahhhhhhhh!! This is just the help I need to be a more beautiful healthier me!! JJ basically spoke the bible in a now time and it was very concise yet detailed at the same time. I picked it up and couldn't put it down...I can relate to so much of what is in this book and I'm looking forward to purchasing the other ebooks you mention in your book and learning more and more about me...I just didn't know where to start...JJ, you got something major with this book and your image is proof of how this information has worked. I'm going to start studying more and reading and spreading this book around my neck of the woods...it's truly a blessing. Truly, Ms. JJ is an OVERCOMER!!" Lisa J.

"Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating is filled with solid advice, helpful assessments and interesting stories that will change the way single women view dating and relationships. A must-read for women looking for love!"
Marci Shimoff
NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy For No Reason

"Your dating book, Why I Love Men:  The Joys of Dating is HOT!!  Your book takes on the hottest topics and delivers relevant, modern answers for both the veteran homemaker and the savvy single.  I am profoundly impressed with your "accurate" delivery regarding pre-marital sex.  I really could not put the book down!" Clayton A. Ivey
CFO, Express Business Services

"J.J. Smith cuts through the chatter with some tried-and-true cures to our relationship malaise.  There are other books of this type but what separates J.J. Smith's book from the others is she dares to tell the raw truth about the power of sex.  The book is written in a conversational tone that grabs the reader with charm, style, almost like an intimate whisper from a sista friend." AALBC.com
The African-American Literature Book Club

"This is one of the best dating books that I've ever read! JJ encourages women to take control of their dating life! She says there are 5 roles a woman can play in a relationship with a man and that we should decide if the role a man is offering is acceptable to us and if it meets our needs. If a man only wants a casual hook-up or booty call and you want a more meaningful relationship, quickly move on. JJ says trying to make a relationship something it's not is a waste of time! I love that.. the book is full of this type of practical, but REAL dating advice!!" Joanna R.
San Francisco

"JJ Keeps it Real!! I so much enjoyed this book... very funny. Girl! I could not put the book down! Thanks so much for it! I was shocked and mad at some of the dating mess that JJ went through when she was younger! JJ has really come along way and it gives all women HOPE. All my girlfriends are waiting in line to read it! J.J. is my new big sista!" Annette K.

"I got a copy of Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating book and it is very good!! In fact I had a hard time putting it down! The courage Ms. Smith displays is inspiring!! The things that happened to her as a child and teenager are very touching. Even though the book is geared for women, I believe men can gain much from this book! The chapter about how a woman can learn to stroke a man's ego.. is surprisingly correct, as well the chapter on The Truths about Men....Ms. Smith got it right. I'm going to continue to let others know how awesome and outstanding this work of art is!!" Joshua S,
Dallas, TX

"It is very rare that I read a book in one day. I read this one!! JJ Smith is a wonderful, engaging writer. I wanted to keep reading every time I had to put the book down...The book was very informative and provided great advice on love, relationships and life, in general. The advice about the 5 roles a woman can play in a relationship... AWESOME!" Lindsay "Linzie" T.

"The book is very FUN, PRACTICAL, and WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!! As the title suggests, most of Smith's friends are men. After a particularly bad breakup she sought honest feedback from a few men regarding her worst qualities (something men are much more likely to be brutally honest about than women!) and made real changes to improve those areas of her life. Smith encourages us to seek a similar assessment of ourselves and the package we are presenting to the world in the "relationship market value" chapter. This may be difficult for women with thin skin, but gaining an honest assessment of how others see us is a valuable way to begin making positive changes to ourselves. Smith says "Ask your family and close friends, "What's the worst personality trait I have?" If they love you, they will tell you. If they are honest and tell you some specific things, don't get mad; start working to improve them right away." The book is filled with specific dating advice that helps to not only attract the right mate for you but to also improve your overall life!" Joan C.