The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Success Stories

Here are a few success stories from people who completed the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

"This 10 day green smoothie cleanse has been amazing!" "I'm feeling more energetic, my eyes are clear, lower back pain has decreased, and I'm in an overall great mood. It has been awesome, I can literally feel my body go into happy mode when I have a smoothie. It just says ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Today is day 10. I have lost 13 pounds as of yesterday. I wasn't really clocking the scale, but I have noticed the belly fat melting away. I don't feel bloated. My mood is steady. I was a bit cranky the first day or so, but it quickly went away. This cleanse has most definitely helped me continue to reach my fitness goals and I look forward to this ongoing lifestyle change. Thanks to JJ Smith for her vision of health for people." Wilson G.
"I lost 14 pounds in 10 days and have clarity and more focus!" "10-Day Green Smoothie should be renamed to more energy, proper sleep, and a healthier you. Because that's exactly what I feel. My insomnia is going. I have more energy than my mind can keep up with. I'm more conscious when I pick up something to purchase to eat. I dropped 14 pounds, which is a blessing for me. I have clarity and I'm more focused. Go figure! Change your diet, change your life. This is not just a 10-day cleanse, this is a life-changing cleansing. For all of you that struggle in the beginning of the cleanse, your body and your mind will thank you for it later. The headaches will subdue, and your skin will be radiant. And your energy level will sky rocket. Thanks for this life-changing experience." Chantel R.
"I lost 15 pounds in 10 days and have a renewed life!" "You see, I have been abusing food for the last seven or eight years, and my body definitely suffered as a result. I stepped on the scale New Year's Eve, and I was at my heaviest weight in my entire life. On January 1, 2014, with much prayer and excitement, I began the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I cannot even say it was challenging because I felt more and more awesome with each passing day. So on to the good stuff. Here's what this cleanse did for my body:
  • I lost a total of 15 pounds in 10 days.
  • My energy level has soared.
  • My body aches and pains have disappeared.
  • I realized I don't need that cup of coffee in the morning to start my day. I'm actually energized.
  • The bottom of my feet ached for months so badly that I thought I had plantar fasciitis. Since I've done the cleanse, the pain is there but very minimal.
  • I had very sensitive areas in my mouth. That pain is completely gone.
  • My hair, which seemed so brittle for years, actually felt strong and healthy. I could comb through it with little to no breakage (a first in years).
  • My fingernails are rock hard.
  • When I started the cleanse, I felt a sinus infection coming on. My body self-cured the infection without antibiotics (another first for me).
  • Last but not least, I feel motivated, inspired, and accomplished.
Stumbling upon this cleanse has been more than a blessing. It gave me renewed life. JJ, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge freely with so many people." Nicole F.
"My weight today is 23 pounds less than when I began this journey 12 days ago!" "Have you ever had a time in your life when you couldn't see a reason to get up and out? I have. It wasn't because of illness or depression, it was mainly because I didn't have the motivation. Yes, I'm a mother, wife, business owner, house keeper, nurse...the list goes on and on. There have been piles and piles of stress dropped on me, some of which I have placed on myself needlessly. With this stress came poor time management.

I tried different diet and exercise plans to change the weight, and I would be successful for a while. Then yet another stress would jump on my back and I would put off the plan...for just a little while. I was not able to walk for a long time because my feet and back hurt. I hadn't slept a full night in 16 years. Sleeping was more difficult recently because I would wake up at all hours to the numbness and burning in my hands.

"Fast forward to 2013. I am tired, menopause is setting in, and I try to work out but I am so lethargic. I see doctors who tell me just to lift weights. Really?? I start working out in November and things are okay. On the bike for one to two hours (oh, did I say I was supplementing with caffeine to stay up?) and lifting weights. I cut way down on eating...I know, I know, just to see the scale go down. In eight weeks' time, I had only lost eight pounds. Sadness.

"Then my friend had a post about this green cleanse. Hmm, I thought. This looks interesting. I jumped in. Since that first smoothie, and I do mean first, I have felt energized. I have slept nearly the whole night. I don't have the numbing, burning in my hands, and I even park great distances away to walk into buildings. Let the other folks have the 'good' spots. My weight today is 23 pounds less than when I began this journey 12 days ago. Darn, I can pull my pants off without unzipping them! LOL, talk about joy! I can take the stairs with greater ease and have played not only with my young son, but with our dog. I'm able to work out in the morning, have a full day at work, cook, clean and study without saying that dreaded 'I'm so tired' like I used to. It seemed to be the only excuse I had in my vocabulary. But no more. This is all because of the blessed and highly favored JJ Smith and her remarkable 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse." Maria W.
"He lost 21 pounds and his blood pressure is now perfect!" "I have the best father in the WORLD! When I said to him that he needed to do a detox, he did not question me. He trusted what I was telling him. My father has battled high blood pressure for as long as I can remember. Well, I have been on a health-learning journey for about two years now where I have learned amazing things about health. I have read several of JJ's books, documentaries, etc. Halfway through the cleanse, I asked my dad if he felt any different. He said that he had more energy and that he was now able to walk up stairs without stopping to rest. Well, you cannot even understand the joy I felt. I felt accomplished. I felt that as long as my dad is good, I am most certainly good.

My dad and I completed the cleanse this past Tuesday. Woo-hoo!!! This Thursday he went to the doctor for his scheduled doctor's appointment and, drum roll, he had lost 21 pounds. Yes, 21 pounds. The doctor had been after him to lose weight for months. I'm not finished yet – his blood pressure was PERFECT!!! The doctor and the nurse asked him what was he doing, and JJ, he gave all the credit to me, but I give the credit to YOU and HIM. This man did not complain or anything; he did whatever I said he needed to do, which was what you said to do. He and I are continuing on this health journey with the green smoothies. JJ, again, thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, caring, and your support! Tara L.
"I am down 17 pounds and thinking clearer, feeling great and sleeping like never before!" Today is day 11 and still going strong!! I must admit I didn't think that I would finish after looking at all this green stuff (vegetables that is), but through a lot of prayer and soul searching I completed the cleanse on yesterday. I am thinking I clearer, feeling great, sleeping like never before and the energy I have now reminds me of my years gone by. I will not be going back to the way of eating like before. For the better news for me, I am down 17 pounds, pants falling down, shirts to loose, blood pressure is now at 113/67, 2 inches off waist and 3 inches off my stomach. I would like to say a big thanks to JJ Smith for your time and honesty about what will happen during this cleanse. You are helping to save many if we just be honest with ourselves and realize we can't do this alone. I am on a new journey to ‎healthy green living ." Mike B.
"I'm more energized, alert, no digestive problems, with clearer skin and eyes." "Well, I must admit I was going through some disappointment of putting on 10 pounds after turning 50 in August. When I began this journey 10 days ago, I was so excited. So as I completed Day 10, I've noticed these changes: I'm more energized, alert, no digestive problems, clearer skin and eyes, not sleepy at work after lunch to name a few celebrations.

As I ended my Day 10 yesterday, I will continue with the modified plan of replacing 2 meals with a green smoothie. I still have at least 15 more pounds that I would like to lose to remain healthy. I'm choosing to LIVE and not DIE. I guess you want to know what my measurements and weight results were. Here they are:
  • Weight — 10 lbs. lighter
  • Bust — 1 inch
  • Waist — 2 inches
  • Hips — 3 inches
  • Thighs — 2 inches left, 1 inch right
"Thanks, Green Team, and continue to press toward the mark of the high calling, which is a better health for us all." Wendy M.
"My 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse Detox Experience."
  1. I controlled my snack portions and prepped them for the first time EVER!
  2. Lost 5 inches from my waist
  3. Slept better and had more energy
  4. My skin is clearer
  5. I learned to substitute my soda cravings with fresh red grapefruit and stevia
  6. I invested in whole foods and changed my perspective on the costs
  7. Committed to myself and saw this plan all the way through
  8. Gained clarity that food should not be a comforting escape but instead an energy source
  9. Ran faster during my workouts
  10. FINALLY...I lost 14 pounds and counting!!
"Thanks to JJ Smith for your support! I plan to continue with the modified version and later jump on board for another 10 days next month! God Bless You!" Chiara M.
"This is just what I needed to jump-start me into action!" "12 ¼ cans of soda, 29.4 glasses of wine, 36 sticks of butter, 42 chicken wings, 98 chocolate bars. Pick your poison, but THAT is what is lost in the last 10 days! Not only that, I have lost much much more! Oh, yeah, the restless nights are gone, too. I am sleeping like a baby and falling asleep without issue! The mini black purses I carried under my eyes…well, not completely gone but very much diminished to the point I can claim they are gone! Dry, not-so-supple skin…also gone! Replaced with touch-me-now, no-makeup-required skin; I know it's not healthy, but I cannot stop touching my face! Belly, yup, gone too! Also gone is that uncomfortable feeling associated with clothes, walking, breathing…you name it! GONE!

"I still have a ways to go, but this is just what I needed to jump-start me into action! I began at 165.4 pounds and am down to 156.2. I am glad I saw this through, as I am now motivated to continue. My cravings for junk have died and have been replaced with cravings for health, wellness, and happiness. Next up…DEM Plan for maintenance! Thanks again to JJ for another great resource! I purchased the book (Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out) over a year ago, but I now have the mental clarity and motivation to see it through! My reward: a long overdue mani/pedi and a fabulous me! Good luck to those just starting and for those new to the program. See it through—you will be amazed at yourself and the results!" Latrisse P.
"I am 9 pounds lighter and, most importantly, have a new relationship with food!" "So today was my Day 10, and I must say I feel so much better than I did 11 days ago. Since September, I have been on and off a diet. But I realized diets don't work, and with this I realize it has to be an entire lifestyle change for me to yield and keep the results that I want. So with that said, I am 9 pounds lighter and, most importantly, I have a new perspective on my relationship with food in general. I want to thank EVERYONE for their support. I will keep everyone posted." Star S.
"Completing this cleanse revealed that I AM in control of what I put in my body!" "I am ECSTATIC to report that I successfully completed the cleanse and I still feel AMAZING! To be completely honest, I didn't approach the cleanse with a positive attitude at all! I didn't believe I could do it. I didn't believe it would change me. My excuses have always been, 'Nothing else has worked so why would this be any different?' and 'I'm fighting my genetic make-up...everyone in my family has weight issues.'

I don't know how much weight I've lost because I didn't step on the scale before the cleanse, mainly because fear kept me from facing the truth. The truth about my poor eating habits and lack of discipline. Completing this cleanse revealed that I AM in control of what I put in my body, I CAN fight urges, I AM disciplined, and I CAN practice healthy eating habits. I actually believe it!!!" Karen W.
"I have experienced great results! No more muffin top!" "I completed my 10th Day yesterday! I have experienced great results! No more muffin top! I can now fit my size 4 clothing, which is a good thing since I no longer have anything larger than that in my closet to wear! A special thank you to JJ Smith; it all started with me purchasing her book How to Lose Weight without Dieting or Working Out. The methods in that book worked and helped me achieve my goal size 4, so I knew when she put this together it would work as well.

"The next thing I did was change my mindset. You must decide in your mind that it's something you need to do. I also visualized the end result—for some it might be a Beyoncé body. For me it was seeing myself wearing a size 4! If you are new or not, stay plugged into it during your detox journey!" Nicole H.