Praise and Testimonials for Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!

THIS BOOK IS PROFOUND!! “This book is PROFOUND! I read the book in one day and it's over 300 pages. I felt like everything I didn't know about weight loss was explained in a manner that made perfect sense to me – I now know WHY I could never lose weight permanently. The messages about why diets fail you, why exercise won't make you thin, and then the biggie was understanding how hormonal imbalances cause weight gain.  I started on the DEM System and in the first week, I lost 5 pounds but I really feel healthier.  I take this book with me everywhere I go and reference it throughout the day. Now that I have this book, nothing will stop me in my weight loss journey!!!!! “ Kara Liston, Virginia

THIS BOOK IS BLOWING MY MIND!!This book is blowing my mind!! You are talking directly to me it's so crazy..and you are teaching this thing like I've never heard it before! And OMG I'm a pepsi junky (I know)....I've always known it's bad for you of course…. But WOW I don't want to pick up another can after reading  the chapter, Why a Sugar Addiction Is Worse Than a Drug Addiction...Heavy, Heavy Stuff. But it all makes perfect sense to me!!!!  I wish you could see me right now, I'm highlighting like a mad woman on a mission... I cannot put this book down! So informative and thought provoking. When I say you are a blessing to me... You have no idea! J. Ivy, Illinois

#1 Amazon Bestseller and
  USA Today Bestseller!

This book is the ANSWER to Weight Loss and Great Health! "I really enjoyed reading this book! The information in it is SO complete. It is quite an impressive book.  I am 43 years old and this book was just what I needed.  I am pre-menopausal and could not lose weight even though I am working out 3 times/week. As I read the book, I realized I had several of the issues you discussed in your book, I am pre-menopausal, insulin-resistant, and suffer from estrogen dominance; And reading your book, I realized that all of these reasons were why I could not lose weight.  I started on your DEM system and started to lose weight in the first week.  WHOA!  I am finally on the right path.  I was getting so depressed at not being able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried.  I wanted to share this review because women who are like me with similar weight loss challenges can finally begin to lose weight with the wisdom in this book.  JJ Smith has made this book easy to follow by outlining the DEM (detox, eat, move) system in one comprehensive book.  JJ also motivates you and makes you feel really good along your weight loss journey.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!” Lisa Randle., Boston, MA

Even As a Personal Trainer, I Recommend This Book to All My Clients! As a personal fitness trainer, I wanted to not like this book because of the title. But the truth is the book is the real deal. The book discourages "diets" and instead offers some great tips for simply eating healthy and smart. I ABSOLUTELY love that!

The book teaches a DEM System (Detox, Eat, Move) and it is right on point especially since the "move" part includes ways to get physically active, which includes exercise. It's just that the book says you don't have to maintain an exercise regimen to get results, but it still encourages everyone to get more physically active. If the book had discouraged exercising, I would have strongly disliked it. It's actually the most comprehensive book on weight loss I have ever read. There is not a single question that you might have about weight loss that she does not answer. I've begun using the DEM System with my clients also. Mainly because the tips throughout the book will DEFINITELY help you get slimmer AND healthier at the same time. I am a HUGE fan of JJ Smith and this book!!!! Laura Galinksy

The DEM System is Clear, Concise and Makes Perfect Sense! “JJ's system of Detox, Eat and Move (DEM) is easy to follow with clear instructions. She admits the first 3 week Detox phase is the hardest as you work to detoxify and cleanse the body through avoiding certain foods, and doing other detox methods such as digestive cleansers and green drinks. In this phase you flush out toxins that cause weight gain and re-train your taste buds so you can establish healthier eating habits.

As a woman, my favorite section was all the information geared just for the ladies on how to avoid menopausal weight gain, as well as tips to get rid of cellulite and belly fat and other issues that women struggle with.

What I loved most about this book is that I've read bits and pieces about eating healthy, detoxifying and weight loss, in general, but never have I read it ALL consolidated in one place. JJ lays it all out for you in an easy to follow DEM System. I wish I had a binder or notebook so I could take all the shopping lists to the grocery store. There are so many foods and supplements that she recommends and I need to carry this book with me as I go shopping. The book is jam-packed with great suggestions WITHOUT crazy fad diets, calorie counting (which JJ says is useless), boxed foods, extreme workouts... just great solid info!” Carolyn Taylor

I Lost 19 Pounds in the First 22 Days!! “I'm a 38 year old male. I started on the DEM system on Feb. 5th at 203 pounds, now on Feb. 27nd, the scale said 184. I've lost 19 pounds in 22 days on phase 1 of DEM system. It works. The hardest part was giving up the sugar, but I ate a lot of fruit to get through the hardest part of the Detox phase. I also called it DEM-Lite because I avoided all of the foods except chicken. I would eat some chicken on my salads but other than that I did pretty well. If I had gave up chicken in my salads I would be visually missing by now. I didn't do the green drink everyday as required but still got great results! I plan to add the green drink very soon, but I am feeling really great now. I plan to continue the eating selection life style changes going forward. ELB

I AM A FAN OF JJ SMITH! “Here's the thing, I loved the book not just for the weight loss stuff, but the details on how to improve my health and energy are a huge bonus! Little things like the importance of drinking water, but not just any water...alkaline water and coconut water. I hadn't heard about either before reading this book. I've even transitioned from 3 diet sodas a day to green tea because it's healthier and a natural fat burner. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's the details of the book that's allowing me to change my eating habits and get healthier and slimmer.  Just in phase 1 of the DEM system, I've lost 4 pounds in one week, and even though it might be water weight, I look less puffy and bloated and my friends say my face looks slimmer. It's just a really, really great book!” Karen Ryon, Maryland

THANKS FOR WRITING THIS BOOK! “This book has truly inspired me to take my healthy living lifestyle to a new level.  I admit, however, that I was initially skeptical about what I would read -- expecting that I would get the same knowledge that I have found on my own.  I was truly surprised when I was presented with information that I had not read before and probably wouldn't find compiled in one source.  I found it really easy to read and so informative that I could not put it down.  What I took from this book is that if I regularly detoxed along with eating more natural foods, I could get to and maintain my desired weight and health for the rest of my life.  And even better, I could do this without killing myself doing ridiculous amounts of exercise that don't always melt the fat/pounds off like I would prefer.  I'm looking forward to getting my body detoxed and cleansed, and getting to a "slimmer, sexier, and healthier" me before my 43rd birthday!” Linda C., Maryland

I Lost 13 Pounds in 3 week detox phase!“Hi JJ! First of all let me say I love the book. I finished the DEM Sytem & I lost 13 pounds I love the fact that I'm eating more furits & Vegetables. It was so hard at first because I never felt full it felt like I always need more food but I remembered before I would eat and then have a donut, cookies or something and then I would feel complete. Now I dont crave for those things any more, I haven't had any acne breakouts while one the DEM when my cycle came I lost a lot of belly fat I feel lite, energized not tired or sluggish in the morning no more dark circles around my eyes. I absolutely love the Vitamineral green I drink that every morning.” Tony M.

This book is the BOMB!!!“I lost 8 lbs so far on the DEM System. I am going on my 3rd week in the Detox Phase… I feel so much better… my midrift is finally going away… I never had a stomach problem until I hit my mid 40′s and this DEM system is my answer to weight loss, weight management which give me the advantage of eating wholesome and wonderful tasting natural foods that I am really having fun with… shopping in the produce section is very rewarding for my body, mind and heart… Thanks JJ for this remarkable lifestyle change that will give me a better health conscious outlook on the next phase of my life… You’re Book, Loose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out is truly… the BOMB!!”  Toni Cole

AMAZING PERSON, AMAZING BOOK“The reason why I could not wait to get this book is because it resonated with me. I went to JJ's website and read up on her and the book. I downloaded the first five chapter's sample and I immediately knew that this plan was exactly what I was looking for. I recently went to the doctor because I had stopped ovulating and I found out that my hormone levels where completely out of whack. I love her approach of detoxing, eating and moving (DEM) and I know that this could be the answer to my medical and weight loss problems. It also helps that she lives what she preaches and she stands behind her plan. So many authors are not in shape themselves and do not follow the plan they promote. JJ is the exact opposite. I firmly believe in JJ and her message.” Angela H., North Carolina

THIS BOOK IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN, IT'S FOR EVERYONE!“If ya'll are serious about your health, about REALLY FEELING BETTER, check out JJ Smith's new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out! It’s The Real Deal.  I would know. Her advice helped me drop my cholesterol 73 points in six weeks WITHOUT medication. Trust me. She’s IT!!!” Steve Smith, New Jersey

My health improved in just 3 weeks!“This book is all that! I started reading and immediately followed some of the recommendations in it and in just 3 weeks I feel great! I talked to my doctor about how great I was feeling and she REDUCED the dosage for my prescription medicine for diabetes and high cholesterol. Sure I need to lose some belly fat, but having my health improve is even better.

The chapter on hormonal imbalances was great too...Some of the recommended supplements like DHEA make me feel 20 years younger which is what you want if you're a man in your 50s. I'm trying to get all the guys I know to read this book as well. I'm now certain that I can feel young and stay lean despite my age!” Michael D. C.

Thanks for helping me renew my mind and health!“I've been struggling with my weight for some time now with yoyo diets losing and gaining weight. Thanks for sharing your expertise on the Steve Harvey Show. Got your book yesterday I almost read the entire book in one evening. I'm looking forward to a brand new healthier me. I must admit I was afraid to see what the DEM system consisted of but it's not bad at all. I'm researching professionals who do colonic cleansing. Thanks for helping me renew my mind on my health and taking the best approach for detoxifying my body. Be Blessed & have a wonderful day!”  Cassandra

POWERFUL AND MOVING!“Hi Ms. JJ.  I'm currently reading Chapter 17 of Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out ….POWERFUL! And moving Wow!!! And, thank you again for giving us the Sisters Getting Slim Forum and the world (as you travel the United States and beyond) your knowledge on regaining health and truly living for life. I'm SO grateful, SO very grateful. You have the major key to enjoying the wealth through our health. Or, we pay to go to hear a preacher speak a word to help encourage our spiritual well-being. And again, you have the knowledge that will help fuel and feed our spirit as well; to help us act upon the Word of God with more clarity because our temple is clean and whole. JJ, I'm just speaking truth. I feel I have found a true friend. Honestly, a friend tells us the truth...”  Debra

I Lost Weight and Still Get to Eat!“I bought this book and have lost 4lbs in the first week. The DEM is giving me GREAT results and I feel good with lots of energy. the book is great, easy and I still get to eat....but eat healthy, which is making me feel better. My body feels like a new person in just 2wks. JJ is amazing I thank her for writing this book.” Aisha

I Lost 16 Pounds in the First 3 Weeks (Detox Phase)“First let me start by saying the DEM system works and it makes sense!! I had 'aha' moments throughout the entire book! JJ is awesome and such an amazing mentor and motivator! .. I just completed my 3 week detox phase, in the first week I lost 5 lbs! I remember my boyfriend telling me my face was getting skinny and there was a glow about me.. I was super motivated after that! .. Now let me tell you it was tough for me that 1st week.. Those sugar cravings were calling me!.. I almost gave in to those cravings but would grab a piece of fruit instead and the cravings would fade.... By week 2.. I had lost another 6 lbs..and feeling pretty amazing, my cravings were gone and I honestly began to crave fruit and salads.. I remember having lunch with a friend who had a greasy burger fries and soda.. It didn't bother me at all , I had my lavish Salad and I was fine, I couldn't believe it!! By week 3 I had lost another 5 lbs.. So my total weight lost for the 3 week detox has been 16 lbs!!.

Let me tell you, I got my confidence back and it's soaring!.. I celebrate non scale victories like.. my favorite jeans now fitting looser and being able to comfortably cross my legs.. I can now button up one of my favorite coats.. I can wrap the bath towel around my body .. Most importantly I have asthma and sometimes i have to remind myself to take my medication , I'm breathing so much better!!.. My sleep is even better and more restful! .. All the benefits that comes along with being on the system is incredible!..These are my immediate victories after completing the 3 week detox,I'm not going to say it was easy, it was NOT for the first week or so, actually was one of the hardest things ive done in my life..trying to break the addictions ..but it works if you stay committed ..and it gets better you soon begin to realize you can do this and win.. You begin to realize you have the power to get yourself back!

The DEM system has been life changing for me.. And although I want to rid of this unwanted weight...(and I will) It's not about fast weight loss..for me it's no longer about a quick fix.. It's about me evolving, changing from the inside out.. And changing my relationship with food! .. I had no clue as to what healthy eating truly meant until this book..even with me being a healthcare professional!... This book teaches you how to be aware and make the right choices.. I'm a label reader now! .. I'm conscious about every single thing I put in my body! ..and what I love it's not a diet.. DEM is a life change..this is the only thing I have found that I can honestly do for a lifetime.. In fact I'm back on the DEM 3 week phase.. I loved the results and how I felt.. So why not stay here for a while?.. It works I'm a testament to that.. It works if you stay committed ..Stick to it you've got everything to lose!” I'm Getting My Sexy Back :)
J. Ivy

ALL WOMEN NEED TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!First of all, I would like to commend you on writing such a wonderful and informative book – By the way, I can't put it down. I have never ever found a book so interesting when it comes to the topic of losing weight. In your book, You explain everything so eloquently. You make everything so easy to understand when all of the other books I've read made losing weight seem so difficult. I have tried practically everything when it comes to losing weight, and now I'm beginning to see the difference.

I am quite familiar with colonics, but before I read your book, I hadn't had one in quite awhile. I felt fatiqued, foggy, gassy, and my bowel movements were horrible. (Maybe TMI) But I'm excited to know that I have finally found the vehicle to get me back on track to good health.

As of today, I have had two colonics, and I will have one more on Saturday. I was amazed to see what I was carrying around in my body everyday body that was making me feel sick. Now I am sleeping better, having better bowel movements and I have more energy. I haven't started the Detoxifation phase yet, and I am almost finished reading your book. I am getting geared up to do so in the next week.

I think that you are GOD sent, and to share all of this pertinent information with so many women who need to hear it, who need to incorporate it into their lives – and have you as a support system to them as well speaks volumes.

I am so glad that I discovered the truth. Thank you!
Ms. Geri

LOST 15 POUNDS IN 2 ½ WEEKS!! “I purchased the book a couple of weeks ago and started to put into action the DEM system. I'm a believer. I just finished reading chapter 5 and applying suggestions, tips and information. I've lost 7 pounds so far and I feel great. I'm looking forward to a slimmer, sexier and healthier me! Yes! Yes! Yes!  THANK YOU JJ SMITH!”
Mickey N.

LOST 13 POUNDS IN 3 WEEK PHASE 1! “Hi JJ! First of all let me say I love the book. I finished the DEM System and I lost 13 pounds. I love the fact that I'm eating more fruits & vegetables.  Before I would eat donuts, cookies or something and now I don’t crave for those things any more. I haven't had any acne breakouts while on the DEM. I lost a lot of belly fat. I feel lite, energized not tired or sluggish in the morning; no more dark circles around my eyes. I absolutely love the Vitamineral green I drink that every morning.”
Tony M.

YES! YES! YES!!“I purchased the book a couple of weeks ago and started to put into action the DEM system. I’m a believer. I just finished reading chapter 5 and applying suggestions, tips and information. I’ve lost 7 pounds so far and I feel great. I’m looking forward to a slimmer, sexier and healthier me! Yes! Yes! Yes!  THANK YOU JJ SMITH!”

LOST 17 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS AND I STILL GOT TO EAT!“I bought this book and read it in one day. Let me first start off by saying I have read tried every popular diet book in the world but I must say I have NEVER learned so much about why I have been fat my entire life until I read this book. The book is truly AMAZING. I'm not even gonna start by telling you how much weight I loss, although that has me jumping for joy. I want people to understand something that's changed for the very first time, something NO other diet book did for me. I've changed my lifestyle. I don't crave unhealthy foods, I don't want them. I'm not trying to avoid them like when you're "on a diet" I truly desire salads and fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. My mind has changed, my cravings have changed and my body is thanking me for it.

The book starts off with a detox phase and has you avoid unhealthy foods, do supplements, colon cleansers for 21 days. This was the part that changed my cravings and eating habits. The detox phase was easy to me because I got to eat...and eat abundantly. But it was just different stuff than I was used to eating. The book helped me to understand I was a sugar addict. I was addicted to pop, candy, cakes, energy drinks and hardly ever ate anything healthy. This is why I always gained the weight back after my diets, I never really broke the addictions and always went back to unhealthy eating. After the three weeks on the detox phase, I was delighted to be down 17 pounds.

I just didn't lose 17 pounds in the first three weeks. In fact, there are many diets where you can lose weight, but the trick is how do you keep the weight off. Unlike any other diet I've tried (and geeesh I've tried them all), I am feeling better than I have in about 20 years. I am 49 years old, was tired, fatigue, unhappy, dull skin and hair and thought this is just what happens as you get older. But my co-workers are telling me I look good, they say I look slimmer, younger. People are noticing which is great but I tell you the information in this book has literally made me feel 20 years younger. I'm sleeping better, I feel more solid, happier. I just LOVE the way I'm feeling and for the first time in a long time, I CANNOT wait for summer to get here! Bring it on!”
Whitley H.

I LOST 10 POUNDS IN THE ONE WEEK!!“I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing this book. You’ve opened my eyes and changed my whole outlook on the way I eat. I started the DEM system last Sunday 3/4 and I weighed myself Sunday 3/11 and I lost 10lbs. I just want to Thank you once again and I’ll keep pushing I got 20lbs to go and I’m going to keep it off by following your book.”

MY BOYFRIEND LOST 17 POUNDS AND I LOST 12 POUNDS IN 3 WK DETOX PHASE!!“My boyfriend and I also just finished the 21 day detox he has lost 17 pounds so far and I have lost 12 we are so excited!!!  We are still losing weight and feeling great. We will continue to have veggie/bean days without meat and keep our grains at about 2-3 times a week. We are both still on a mission we have a ways to go with our fitness/weight loss goals but we are motivated and excited about our new lifestyle change. We have also been enjoying the Bikram yoga and our portable infrared sauna!”
Fly girl

I NEED TO HUG YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK!!“I feel like I need to hug you as I go through your book. I feel like you wrote this specifically for me! I love the book JJ Smith!  It is the most interesting book I have ever read on dieting or exercising!!”
Elizabeth G.

I HAVEN’T WORKED OUT AND HAVE STILL LOST WEIGHT!“I said this year was going to be a year of change for me and this is the first time that I actually feel like I am making the changes needed to make sure it is. I am not going to tell you that it is easy though. I decided to start her program by doing the master cleanse because I figured if I could do that for 10 days then I could do anything. It was more of a morale booster for me, but it has helped me more than I thought it would. I am actually feeling a great deal better. Even with going into phase 1 detox were you are basically a vegan.

I am finding the positive in it every day and being creative with food. But I figured if I went 10 days without eating, I can go 21 with eating certain things. Because I feel a WHOLE LOT better it has given me the encouragement that I have needed to keep going and I have lost 10 pounds, my nails are hard for the first time in my life, and my skin is not dry.

I am usually a person that goes to aerobic classes, or use my equipment that I own, but I have not done that since I started and I am still seeing results. I am doing really good. Thank You again JJ and SGS, your encouragement and trials have helped me and hopefully I can do the same for others.”

I HAVE DIABETES AND MY GLUCOSE NUMBER ARE DOWN IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS“I purchased your book 2 weeks ago and it and you are a Godsend. You have really helped me tremendously. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and following your information about 4g of sugar and low to no sodium has really helped me get my glucose numbers down. Not where I need to be, but for just 2 weeks, I am doing great!! Thank you for everything. By the way I could not put your book down once I received it and I have been giving your website to everyone I come in contact with, so they can order it.”
Yvonne W.

LOST 20.6 POUNDS FROM In 3 WEEKS FROM 3/9 – 3/31!!“Thanks to JJ's DEM System, I am pleased to share status and progress of losing 20.6 lbs so far; and I've gone down at least one dress size. My face looks thinner, clearer, and I have more energy to want to Move. I walk faster because I feel lighter and I even (gasp) truly crave healthier foods.”

YOUR BOOK HAS ENLIGHTENED ME ON A HEALTHIER WAY TO EAT TO LIVE! “I purchased your book after I heard Steve Harvey on the Morning show talking about it. Your book is so informative and have enlightened me on a healthier way to eat to live a healthy life. I started the D.E.M system on 2/14/12 and although I relapsed a few times since then, I took your advice and continued without beating up myself. However; my co-workers are telling me now that they notice I'm losing weight and how much younger and slimmer I look. I am 5'9" and have been slim all my life but I needed to shed some extra weight (especially around the belly which expanded to 37"). Needless to say, a few of my co-workers are seeing the results and excited about purchasing your book.  Thank you for sharing that wealth of information! ”
R. Jones

JJ SMITH, YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!“I wanted to say thank you again for the book..You have changed my life..I finally am free of bad habits...and feel great about my health and body!”
Cara L.

THIS BOOK IS THE TRUTH… I LOST WEIGHT WITHOUT HAVING TO WORKOUT!!“I wish all you ladies luck and know this book is the truth!!! it's a life saver for me. I purchased the book to get information on how to clear my adult acne, and just by changing my whole way of eating and detoxing helped to stop acne breakouts for me. I learned a whole lot more!! especially about hormonal imbalance didn't know what that was or what that meant, just by reading the book I knew that was something that I was struggling with but I feel great today!!, and the weight loss was a plus I'm actually at my goal weight. It's so amazing how much weight I lost without having to workout I lost so much belly fat I'm so so happy about that, my sister just don't believe that I haven’t worked out not once. So I sent her the book and she's starting the DEM system.”

YOUR BOOK IS THE BIBLE FOR HEALTHY LIVING!!!“Hi JJ. I am 43 years old. Initially I lost 35 pounds on my own and then stopped losing. I was at a plateau for months. Then I kept gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. I didn't want to give up it was a Godsend that someone told me about your book. I am so grateful to be a part of your forum. Your book is so informative and poignant. I am so grateful for finding this information. I have been wanting to change my lifestyle for so long but I needed a guide to instruct me on how to do it. Your book is the Bible for healthy living and all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will do everything in my power to follow it. This is exactly what I have been searching for. I always wanted to know how to detox properly and also how to eat the correct food combinations. I have been very verbal to all my sisters about your book so expect a lot more sales. Thank you again!”
Ms. Bee

MY STOMACH FLATTENED TREMENDOUSLY!!“I'm 36 and a mother to one. My weight has steadily increased over the years, especially around my stomach. I'm a slim person, but perpetually look like I'm 3 months pregnant sans clothes. I had resigned myself to getting liposuction if my dieting didn't work over the years. I immediately scooped up JJ's book on Amazon and started detoxing about 2 weeks ago. I'm using liquid clay bentonite and psyllium in the mornings and taking the Mag07 in the evenings. (I just started the Mag07 on Saturday evening.) I feel terrific! My stomach has flattened tremendously. I had always felt I wasn't clean on the inside and was bloated in addition to all the belly fat. All I have to say is thank God I found you JJ!

After reading your book, all the common knowledge I had about food before really fell into place i.e. eat fresh veggies because of the phytonutrients. I also learned so many things I didn't know too. And what a relief it was to know that I didn't have to work out like a maniac! Don't get me wrong, I love to work out, but I'd always feel discouraged because I didn't see any results. Just knowing that the world won't end if I don't work out is refreshing. I plan to detox for as long as it takes and incorporate more healthful foods into my diet permanently. I've already tried the O.N.E coconut water. It was on sale at Publix, lol! It tastes good. Plus, I feel so good knowing I'm drinking a healthy drink instead of a diet soda. I never knew getting healthy could be so much fun! THANK YOU JJ!”
Ms. D

AFTER 2 WEEKS, I LOST 11 POUNDS AND JUMPED OFF SCALE IN EXCITEMENT!!“I read the entire book in one day and started the next and have never felt better. I never thought I would be able to break my addiction to sugar, sodas, breads, pastas but I’ve done it.  I actually thought I wouldn’t succeed but I decided to try this program anyway.   I am 49, was tired, unhappy, and overweight.  After just 4 days on the program my energy levels was up and I was feeling great. After two weeks, I lost 11 pounds and I just couldn’t believe it... I jumped on and off the scale in excitement.   I have the motivation and KNOWLEDGE to continue my journey.   Also, a few weeks before I started the DEM program, I had bloodwork done and my triglyceride level was a little high at 180.  After these first 2 weeks, I have lowered them to 135.  You can try anything you want to lose weight but this is the first weight loss program that ALSO improves your health while changes your eating habits.   This DEM Program is the way to live! My body is finally bouncing back to something I can be proud of.  Thanks for writing this book!”
Jill C.

THE BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!“Thank you for writing this book.  I have shared the info with so many people who in return has purchased your book and starting to get on board. This is THE BEST BOOK I have read besides The Bible… Thanks for so much Valuable Info... May God Continue To Shine On You!”

LOST 7 POUNDS IN JUST 10 DAYS!!“I started your program 10 days ago and have already lost 7lbs! I also feel so much better! I love vegetables and fruits, and other diet plans I've been on have exercised strict portion control, even on produce. Thanks for making getting healthy so doable!

I NOW PREPARE CLEAN & BALANCED MEALS FOR MY FAMILY“I am on week 2 of the DEM system and I've already lost 6lbs YAY!!!. Although its not visibly noticeable I do notice a decrease in cravings, and I feel better about the food choices I've been making. I want you to know you are definitely on the right track with this book. The audience ( African American females) that you will reach with your book is in desperate need of clean, raw, balanced & healthy foods-then we can spread it to our families and eventually our community. In fact, I have already decided to prepare clean & balanced meals for my family. I hope you can get all the exposure you deserve. We need to know how to eat better and live a healthy life.”
Tamara M.